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Greek Mythology has always fascinated me. The image of the harpy has always been one of my favorites. Their purpose was to bedevil evildoers, but they are usually portrayed as ugly and vicious.  Powerful females don't need to be portrayed that way. My harpy is beautiful and strong. Her wings' patterns are taken from a butterflys' and her coloring is dynamic.

Red Wing

This was a breakthrough piece  for me. Not only was it the largest doll I've worked on , it also was the first time I used a padded framework for a completely beaded hair style. I also perfected the stained glass style of wing on this piece as well. 

Red Wing
wings extended

The Snake Goddess continued the beaded hair technique that I experimented with while working on Red Wing. I took the technique even further with this piece, because I was patterning the hair style after the elaborate oiled and braided hair dos of Mycenaean women. I wanted to cover this doll with as much pattern as possible, but didn't want to use a print fabric for the skin on the torso,arms, and head. Using the tattoo patterns common to the Maori(natives of New Zealand), was my solution to this problem.The black patterns are strips of fabric stitched on by hand.

Snake Goddess

Snake Goddess
side view to show beaded hair

On this doll, I jointed the neck so that the weight of the beaded hair could make the head pivot before it settles into place.

Snake Goddess
neck is jointed so the head pivots

Both of these pieces are 3 feet in height or length. RedWing's wing span is nearly 4 feet across.

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