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Black Cat

Welcome to Le Chat Noir Studios.

On this home page, I'll introduce myself and my work.
My name is Laura Kane and I have been making art since I was a small child and produced my first private exibition with crayons on Grandma's good dining room wallpaper.
Since then, I have drawn, painted, sculpted and sewn many wildly fantastic animals and people and even taught art in public school.
Now it's time for me to go public with my fantasy creations. When two dimensions couldn't hold my  inner fantasies any longer, I looked for a medium that would fullfill my need for brilliant colors and textures that could be worked in 3 dimensions. For me, fabric was the best choice because of the wild array of colors and textures to choose from and its easy availability.
Being an avid reader has helped me come up with many ideas for my work. Because I love mythology, ancient art, archeology  and anthropology my work has become a strange hybrid of all of these things.  For example, to me a Sumerian Snake Goddess ought to have Maori tattoos and a Mycenaean hair do.

Reading may  have given me my inspirations , but watching old movies gave me a solution to my difficulties with technique. I have never cared for the puffy look of some fabric dolls. I wanted to find a technique that would allow me to  control the contours of my dolls. While watching a documentary on Ray Harryhausen, I saw that there was a possible solution to my dilemma. He worked on figures with a metal armatures with machined joints that made them easy to animate. While I didn't need kinetic armatures, a static one might work.
By first wrapping the wire skeleton with yarn, I was able to stitch on quilt batting to develop muscle structure. After that it was simply a process of carefully whip stitching fabric tightly over the padded framework to cover the batting  with a "skin" . Features like chins, noses, and breasts are added on to the basic form of the body with padded wire forms.
In my gallery, you will  get a look at the people and creatures that populate my inner life. Come visit and please feel welcome. I hope you enjoy yourself and perhaps on of my creations  will  be someone  you want to bring home to share your life.
                           Laura  Kane

Here  is  one of my  newer pieces." Azure "  my waterbaby.

size 14" in height   $ 500.00
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