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Literary and Personal Story themed Dolls  

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According to my Grandma, Nightmares were brought by these little black faes with crows wings and horses legs. They were like harpys, who bedevil guilty people until they admit their crimes. I always owned up to being bad so I wouldn't meet one in my dreams.
I used black velour and brown and black faux fur for the body. The wings are wire forms wrapped with specialty yarn and beaded. The little hooves are vinyl. She stands just under 12 inches tall and is made to be hung. I wanted her to look like she was just landing.

Breena's hair
hair is wired and can be rearranged

Breena-Ebony Nightmare
wings are wire wrapped with fancy yarn and beaded

Breena's tail and hooves
Stamping these tiny hooves is what brings nightmares

SOLD on eBay

Ophelia was quite a challenge. I really love the Pre-Raphaelite painters and their paintings of Ophelia floating in the water are some of my favorites. Just by using fabric's textures and colors, I wanted to create a figure that looked to be floating in murky water . As in the paintings,I also wanted her to look peaceful.
Ophelia is 12 inches in height and made of cotton knit. Her dress is acetate and patterned voile. Her hair is satin and beads hand sewn over a padded armature.


hanging the doll enhances the floating feeling

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