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Theatre of the Vampyres

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This series had several different influences. From the film Moulin Rouge and the book Interview with a Vampire, I got the costuming and Victorian time period. Using vivid colors of hair and skin, was inspired by Indian art. I love the blue skinned deities. I wanted to use skin and hair color to enhance the character's personality.
Lily portrays the sweet young innocent seduced by the dashing vampire in the theatre's bloody performances. Here she is in mid-transformation as she prepares to meet a new lover. As she has always felt that her wings were one of her best features, it's always hard to give them up. 

Sold on eBay

Poppy is wild and passionate. She loves to play with her food. She has agreed to meet her present lover "in costume" tonight. Hopefully they will both be satisfied  with the outcome.

Close up of hair and face

Poppy in profile
SOLD on eBay

close up of Lily's face
Her hair is beaded over a cloth and wire armature

Lily's corset
glass leaf beads are from a limited edition series

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Poppy's corset
corset is handbeaded velour

Poppy's boots
They are probably not period, but they're cute

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